The Beginning

Second day of 2016 and I am already feeling the great energy this year has! I started this personal website to satisfy my creativity cravings, boost my profile as a business student, and inspire others.

I have been feeling a bit lonely and annoyed lately (last year) due to several reasons. For one thing, I have been missing home especially my mom and my sisters. I was supposed to go home for Christmas, but the budget was not enough. And so I am hoping my arrival to Manila will become a reality in March or July this year.

Secondly, I feel that there is something that I need to do since I have been mentally and creatively “stagnant”. I decided that I need to wake up my artsy side and create this site. Also, my boyfriend, Ron and I did nothing but binge-watch Netflix, eat Doritos, and drink wine. We are a big fan of CSI: Miami!

Finally, I greatly abhor being bored to death! This makes me lonely that I have been thinking what I need to do to find happiness in life. I am so happy that I get to do this – to write freely, think freely, and simply grow as an individual. Don’t get me wrong, but I am happy being with the person I love. I feel that having this website is my personal happiness.

I do hope you enjoy reading my website, and I hope that through them, you’ll be inspired and motivated to do things you want to do in life!

Happy New Year!



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