When Life Gives You Lemons, Add Vodka!

I believe that all of us face many difficulties in life. Indeed, some may say that those who are well-off tend to have less problems than those who are not. However, I think that even those who are wealthy face hardships in their lives. I have been a very optimistic person since I was a little girl. Certainly, I faced many problems may it be with school, work, finance, or personal matters. How difficult things may be, one should remain optimistic, confident, and resilient.

When faced with problems, we tend to overthink things that we start to worry. Why worry about something that has not happened; better yet, something that will not or never happen? At the root of worry, we find fear. We start to become fearful and in an effort to overcome that fear, we try to be brave. Bravery does not simply replace or take away that fear. This is one of the many realizations I have discovered as I become more mature with handling my problems. Truly, one must to do something to overcome that fear. One must act to overcome difficulties.

Life is absolutely a journey where you stumble and fall. However, confidently facing life and whatever it has to offer shows one’s optimism and resilience.We all have problems and though they may be different, we consider them as problems, as something that worries us, infuriates us, saddens us, or makes us feel low. But in spite of all the problems, one should remain resilient, hopeful. As Oscar Wilde wrote in his classic book Lady Windermere’s Fan, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Difficulties, problems, hardships, obstacles – these makes a person stronger and more resilient. Resilience is being able to accept reality even if it is something that is not good. When I have problems that I feel as if they are so big and impossible to overcome, I think of those who are less fortunate; of those who are facing abuse, hunger, or something more terrible than what I am facing. By doing so, it makes me appreciate what I have and it motivates me to do something about my problems. It makes me think of others who are facing problems that are much worse and the many ways I can help them or comfort them.

When life gives you lemons, add vodka! With this brazen quote, I hope this will make you smile and make you feel a little better.



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  1. astridswords says:

    Very true words! Life difficulties will be faced by every person because they are times for each person to learn and grow. What we may find hard may be easy for another and vice versa, there is no set definition for what is hard or easy. We are all unique in our own special way =)

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