The Second Child

I have not seen my sisters for almost 4 years and my brother for almost a year that I have been missing them so much. My siblings and I are very close. We share each others’ frustrations, secrets (sometimes), dreams, happy moments, and even sad moments. All of us have different personalities yet we get along and truly love and respect each other. There are five of us and I am the second child. Being the second, I feel that I am both the eldest and middle child sometimes. Being the second child can be difficult.

Lahrane, my younger sister after me and I left our home country, the Philippines in 2005 to be with our father who resides in American Samoa. At the time, my sister was 11 while I was 13. In 2008, our youngest sister Larrise decided to be with us. Our oldest sister Larema did not want to leave the Philippines. We decided to live with our father because our mother chose to go back to Saudi Arabia and work there are a nurse.

Growing up as a teenager and as the oldest sibling among the three of us, I took upon myself the responsibility of watching over, guiding, taking good care of, and protecting my siblings. Of course, there were times when we fought or had a misunderstanding that we ended up hurting each others’ feelings. We always apologize to each other when the storm inside us calms down.

When Lahrane and Larrise tell me about those who talks bad about them, I my motherly instinct would usually come out that I would go up to those people and tell them that I would appreciate it more if they are straightforward than spreading rumors. When our youngest brother, Larry would ask me to prepare his food, I gladly do so. When they all ask for my help to do their projects, I always tell them that “I’ll do it.” When they complain that I am not doing it, I would usually say, “I never go back on my word”. Being the “oldest” child is tough.

I say it is difficult because I love them so much that I wish I can take whatever pain they have. It is difficult because when they become too stubborn and I tried all the “gentle” ways, I show them tough love. It is difficult because I am expected to guide them towards the right path. I am expected to be a good sister towards them. It is difficult because I want to be someone they look up to as a role model.

Truly, I am very fortunately to have great siblings. I love them dearly that I pray they are always happy and healthy. Being the second child will always be a learning experience for me as we grow older. Whether your the oldest or the youngest, having a sibling is one of the many wonderful things in this world.

The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other.



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  1. Now this is heart tugging. Don’t you think that it’s time to reach out and see them 😊

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    1. larriane18 says:

      Hello! I wish I can come home in the Philippines and see them. I don’t have enough money to buy my fare going back home and I am definitely saving for it. I always talk to them over the phone and we sometimes do Skype or Facebook video. It is absolutely heart tugging knowing how much I miss them. I truly appreciate your advice. 🙂 Thank you!

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      1. My pleasure Larriane. All the best 🙂


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