Uber Superb

Yesterday, my boyfriend Ron and I were running late. The US Post Office office hours on Saturdays is from 9:30AM to 12:00PM. We were planning to take the bus, but we took our time eating breakfast. Ron then suggested to try Uber taxi since I downloaded the app a month ago but we never really tried it until yesterday, Saturday. I was so ecstatic about using it for the very first time! We have been using Yellow Cab and yes, it is pretty pricey for two college kids who are trying to save money.

So, I went on my Uber app with my address already set. Then, I entered my destination, which is the USPS. With Uber, you can select uberX or uberXL. The difference between the two are the size of car and the price. With uberXL, I believe it is $1 more. I chose uberX and saw the estimated fare price, which is $5 to $6. After that simple process, I then requested for an Uber taxi. I was really surprised how the taxi came so fast! It was exactly 3 minutes! It was so cool that I can see where the driver was currently driving ahead. I saw the streets/roads the driver went by.

Our driver came with this clean Toyota Prius. As much as I wanted to take some pictures, I lost that thought as our driver, Sara, was such a sweet, friendly lady. She was so engaging as we asked her some questions about being an Uber driver. We even told her that it was our first time using Uber. She genuinely shared with us how much she loved being an Uber driver because she gets to meet many different people from all over the world. She asked us what was our plans for that day and I told her that we were planning to go to our university’s greenhouse so that I can introduce my plant pet to my boyfriend.

We arrived at our destination then she asked if are we going to need an Uber taxi again. We told her that we might take a while inside the Post Office (we actually did!). She said, “Well okay then, if you need an Uber taxi, just request for one and you might have me again!” We thanked her for her great service and then said our good-byes.


After dropping us off, I checked my Uber app and was confused as to why my credit card was not charged. I thought that there may have been a mistake. After a few minutes, I received an e-mail and it was my receipt from Uber. I found out that we got a FREE ride! I was so happy with my very first Uber ride that I left a review and gave Sara 5 stars.


With Yellow Cab, we have to call first and wait 20-30 minutes for the taxi to arrive. With Uber, it took us exactly 3 minutes to wait and we didn’t need to call. With Yellow Cab, we need to wait for the driver to process our payment. With Uber, we didn’t need to wait. We will definitely use Uber from now on!


Did you use Uber before? Share with me your experience!



Featured image: huffingtonpost.com

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