5 Reasons To Visit American Samoa

When I transferred here in Texas Tech University from my second home, American Samoa, most of the people I meet ALWAYS ask me where American Samoa is located at. I usually reply,

American Samoa is a U.S. territory in the Pacific near Hawaii.

Although American Samoa is the least well-known U.S. territory, it is a beautiful place, a bliss of sanctuary to visit for several reasons:

  1. It is an island – With beaches that are clean, you will get to enjoy the waters that bursts with beautiful corals and tropical fishes.You will hardly find an overpriced bar, a fancy resort, or crowds of sun-seekers.
  2. The local people are amazing – The American Samoans are very friendly. Although most speaks English, they have their own language and they will definitely teach you some phrases. They will always make you feel like you are part of the family.
  3. The Samoan culture – their culture is one of the most unique and beautiful cultures I have encountered in my entire life. I really do not know much of it (only some) except that respecting others is a must especially to older people.
  4. Their main mode of transportation – Aiga bus. These buses are fun! The fare is usually between $1.00 to $2.00. For students, I believe it is $0.50. I remember paying $0.25 when I was a high school student in FMHS back there. The aiga buses usually come in different colors and most of the bus drivers would play amazing Samoan music on their customized sound system. _DSC2284 Photo: nps.gov
  5. The National Park of American Samoa – Spearheaded by the American Samoan village leaders and the U.S. Congress, the National Park of American Samoa boasts its  finest samples of the islands’ land and seascapes that are worth visiting.

Indeed, most Americans know Hawaii but American Samoa is a tropical paradise that is incredibly quiet, incomparably lush, and simply beautiful.



Featured image: triptargets.com

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