After getting inducted to GBP (Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society), I felt so motivated to do really well in school and to achieve my goals. After several failed attempts, misunderstandings with my dad, and diminishing self-esteem, I never imagined that I will be able to study in the US and pursue my dream. I have met people who turned into friends who supported me and continues to do so. On the other hand, there are those who tried to pull me down but they actually made me stronger. There are and will always be challenges, but I know that God has and will always be guiding me.

To my dad and Tita Bing who continues to work hard and provide for me just to be here at Texas Tech, I can say that I am really blessed to have you both. To my siblings who has been so understanding and patient with me, thank you. To my mom Emma who misses me so much, know that I am doing this for you. To Ron who always encourages me and inspires me, thank you for being such an amazing person in my life. Thank you for the incessant support you give to me. To my special aunties: thank you for the motherly advice you have told me before, which I have kept within me, as well as for the love and support.

Next year is a special year! I will be graduating next year from Rawls College of Business Administration, which is one of the best Business Schools in the US.

To those who feel like quitting of being in college, know that there are other students, traditional or non-traditional, who may be having a harder time but continues to be in school because they believe that education is key to success and a better future.

To those who feel left behind just because you didn’t graduate on time, know that you are not in a race. You are not in any competition, but in a competition with yourself to be a better individual in and of your community, state, or country, to be a better citizen of this world and to be a better child of God. You should be proud because you are going after your dreams in spite of all the hardships.

I am Maria Larriane Magalasin, a student of life, a fighter, a dreamer, and an entrepreneur and CEO in the making.

“You become what you believe.” – Oprah Winfrey



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  1. What’s gbp? And don’t quit !! It’s overwhelming and takes a lot of time and you just have to keep working !


    1. larriane18 says:

      Hi! Thank you for the advice. I really do appreciate it. GBP stands for Gamma Beta Phi, an Honor Society. 🙂 Feel free to visit for more information.


      1. Thanks ! Keep going you’ll be great !!

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