Blogging Again!

It’s been four months since I blogged and I missed it! My spring semester was hectic that I was unable to post. There are things worth sharing and I’d hate it if I don’t blog about them.

Also, I have changed the look of my website. I have been juggling between my online courses and updating my blog that my multitasking skills are being put to the test. It really makes me glad to blog again because it is something that feeds my creative soul. This summer, I want to read and write more so that I will be able to share to others what I have learned.

I am currently taking two online courses and the final exams are scheduled this Friday, July 8th. After that, I’ll have loads of time to write about so many things! I will share with you about my first spring break in the U.S., my school, new experiences, and my upcoming trip!


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