Spring Break Day 2

I was supposed to blog more about my spring break last March, but my laptop decided not to work anymore and I haven’t bought a new one. Although this is not a valid excuse, I am still excited to share with you about my short spring break in Denver, Colorado.

Anyhow, Day 2! Ron and I went to the Denver Zoo! It was so much fun and it was worth it! The weather was perfect the day we went even though it was quite cold.Also, it wasn’t crowded that we were able to see everything! The general admission ticket for ages 12-64 costs $17.00. For public ages 65+, the admission ticket is $14.00 while ages 3-11 costs $12.00.


The entrance of the Denver Zoo is beautiful! You are welcomed by friendly guards and magnificent sculptures of giraffes! Once you entered the zoo, you are also welcomed by a brick lion made from thousands of LEGO. My little brother Larry would have loved to see this!


The zoo was easy to go through as there are many signs to guide visitors. It was not confusing and I really liked how they arranged the settlements of the animals based on their species and where they are from. My favorite part was the aquariums! It was lovely to see different species of them that some came from tropical areas.

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Although I firmly believe that these animals should be free, I think that it is essential to educate people about them. It is nice to interact with animals, but I hope that zoos do not keep them for long periods of time. I do not know much about zoos and how government regulates them, but I think it would be nice to have a limit on how long animals can stay in zoos.

Overall, Ron and I enjoyed visiting Denver Zoo! We were very satisfied since the place was very family-friendly, clean, and offers so many amazing creatures to see.

Denver Zoo is absolutely a must-see if you are visiting Denver!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!



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