Denver Art Museum

I love visiting museums and I dragged Ron to see one while we were in Denver during our spring break last year. Located in the Civic Center of Denver, Colorado, the Denver Art Museum was a beauty to behold! Its architecture is breathtaking that taking pictures is a must! It is known for its collection of American Indian art, and its other collections of more than 70,000 diverse works from across the centuries and world.


In addition, it is a great place to take your kids to since the museum has the Just For Fun Family Center where there are activities inspired by the Asian art collection and the exhibition Samurai. The museum also has a paint studio and kids corner where they can explore their creativeness by tinkering with tools and playing with various pigments.

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The Paint Studio was our favorite experience! We were artists for a day where we painted a rose and took our artwork home. Of course, we decided to hang our work and take a photo!


Also, the museum has lots of unique and colorful sculptures and artworks. You cannot miss their collections from Pre-Columbian Art to Modern Contemporary  Art. They also have exhibitions, tours, and artists at work. Truly, there are so many things to see and corner activities to do.

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I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the Denver Art Museum and some of our photos!




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