What I Realized After My Interview

Most, if not some, of us may have experienced anxiety or felt nervous with the thought of having an interview for a job or position. As a student assistant, most of the interviews I have had were very informal. When I got my first real job as a tutor for a community college, it was only the Dean of Student Affairs who interviewed me. Although she had a serious face added with all her achievements screaming at me from her wall, I did not feel nervous or scared. In fact, I was glad to be referred to and the dean called for me since they needed a tutor. I was excited to have a job and work with different people.

Last week, I had an interview for the position that I wanted for quite sometime. Initially, it was quite a nerve wrecking experience since I was not even informed about it. One of my managers simply told me to look for him after I was done with a task. I waited for about 20 minutes before our main manager and area manager called me. I knew right then that I will be interviewed with no preparation at all. It lasted for almost an hour and the following are what I have realized after:

  • Fake it until you make it – this phrase is absolutely true. I was agitated that I simply thought that if I were to survive this interview, I have to fake it: fake feelings, that is, not showing them how probably scared and uncomfortable I was in the first place. The experience was as if I am with my tennis coach testing my mental toughness.
  • Preparation is essential – I realized that I have to be prepared at all times. To be successful at any interview, one has to prepare: know who is interviewing you, know your strengths and weaknesses, examine yourself, know the position you are being interviewed for, and the basic things such as grooming yourself and looking presentable.
  • Believing in myself – the interview was an eye-opener for me in which I have learned that I am capable of succeeding and achieving my goals. I learned that in spite of sweat-breaking situations, I can rise above it and know that there are people who also believes in me and believes that I can do things. This realization enabled me to further understand myself and know what else I can do to improve myself.
  • Take pride in your achievements – when they asked me about the moment I felt successful, the first thing that came to mind were the honors I have accomplished while in school. Whatever it is, one should always feel proud of oneself for all the achievements, whether at school or work, he or she have received especially when gained through hard work.
  • Having hobbies is important – some of us may question why employers asked us about our hobbies. I realized that having one helps them understand who you are as a potential employee. Also, hobbies can make you unique leaving a lasting impression on whoever is interviewing you. Whether it may be reading or photography, hobbies can showcase your talents and creativity.

Certainly, we have different experiences when it comes to interviews. Be confident and know yourself. Remember to prepare and keep in mind that if others can succeed, you can too! I hope the things I have learned will help you prepare for yours.



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