Micromanaging Managers

Truly, there are some managers who do not realize that they are micromanager. Micromanagement can be one of the reasons why employees quit. In business, micromanagement is a management style of a manager who closely controls the work of his/her subordinates. Hearing the word simply prompts you to cringe since it usually has  a negative connotation. Micromanaging managers are frustrating for several reasons.


For one thing, it can lower employees’ motivation at work. When managers tells you what to do all the time when you already know your job, it makes you feel stupid as if you do not know how to do anything. As a result, it can affect your motivation in which you participate, communicate, and/or interact less in the workplace.

Moreover, it creates negative workplace atmosphere. Employees can harbor anger towards their managers who micromanage. It affects work relationships that can result to negative outcomes such as increased turnover rate and decreased accountability. When there is a problem, employees and managers will blame each other instead of being accountable. As a result, employee morale will also be affected.

Furthermore, it affects employee engagement. When are they continually criticized and made to feel that they do not know how to do anything, employees will eventually become less motivated to do their job that they will not take initiative anymore. As a result, their productivity decreases.

When your managers apply this management style on you (like snatching a customer’s card from your hand while you’re doing the transaction), then do not be afraid to speak up and let them know that micromanaging can be frustrating. Micromanagement have debilitating effects on both the workplace and employees. If approaching them first does not work, then it would be best to check the chain of command and talk to their supervisor.




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  1. Tiffany says:

    Yes, it is difficult to work with micro managers.


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