Trip to Sin City

Ron and I have been wanting to go on a trip during this summer. We were unable to have a concrete plan as to where we wanted to go. I took two classes during the summer while he worked full-time so we really did not have a lot of time to fully discuss about it. With little planning and budget, we decided to go to Las Vegas!

Before going to the City of Sin, we drove from Lubbock to Dallas, then rode a plane from Dallas/Ft. Worth to Las Vegas, Nevada. We decided to try Spirit Airlines for the very first time and they did not disappoint! We were having second thoughts about booking a flight with them due to negative reviews. (I will blog about our experience with Spirit Airlines later).

During our road trip, Spotify was our best friend! This app is impressive for road trips! It was just perfect to try the premium free trial that I was able to play any song we wanted to listen to. It’s definitely a must to have on your smartphone!


Why Las Vegas? The first reason is that we never visited the place before. We wanted to travel to a place we have never been to together. The other reason is that my high school best friend, Fiti resides in Las Vegas with her family and we haven’t seen each other since graduating from high school. She was thrilled to learn that I am coming to see her!

L-R: Ron (my boyfriend), Larriane (me), and Fiti (my best friend)

Although exhausting, our trip was fun and exciting. New posts coming up from our short trip! 🙂


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