Las Vegas: Day 1

Arriving in the afternoon, Ron and I decided to catch up with my best friend, Fiti who was nice enough to drop us off to our hotel afterwards. We stayed in Plaza Hotel and Casino (because we are broke college kids lol!). The place was decent enough although I was not a fan of the cigarette stench. You probably might’ve thought “Well, why did you go there if you hate the smell of cigarettes?” To answer that question, I went there to visit my high school best friend and to travel!


Once we entered the main entrance of the hotel, we were immediately accommodated that we checked-in an hour early, which was great! There is no charge for early check-in! The concierge area was clean (although it still has that cigarette odor) and they also have online kiosks for you to check-in or check-out.

We were given our keys and overall, Ron and I were satisfied with the room. However, it didn’t have a microwave. Our room had two queen size bed and other amenities detailed in their website. It was just interesting that the color used for the room were calming compared to the lavish red of the hotel’s interior designs especially in the concierge and casino area.

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After settling in, Ron and I decided to clean up and get some rest since we planned to go out and explore in the evening. We woke up around 8:30PM, got ready, and had siopao from Chowking as our dinner.


After a simple, but delicious dinner, we headed out to experience Freemont Street! Although Ron and I don’t smoke and drink heavy liquor, it was a great experience as we walked through the street.

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Freemont Street offered a memorable night for us. It boasted amazing lights, different acts, and music! My favorite part was the Viva Vision screen that showcases light shows with music.

We weren’t able to experience the Slotzilla Zipline, but we will come back to Las Vegas and this activity is included in our to-do list! The next thing we decided to do is ride the High Roller at The Linq. I highly recommend doing this (especially at night) if you want to see the city from such a beautiful view!


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Our Day 1 in Las Vegas was spent well even though we did not do a lot of things. It is up to you on how you want to spend your days while being here that although we had planned it out, Ron and I decided to simply just go with the flow and have fun! If you do plan to visit Las Vegas, definitely do some research beforehand and see which places you are interested in visiting.


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